Macroscopic Monolayers Monolayers of hexagonally close packed polystyrene spheres on silicon wafers with diameters up to 4 inches. Contact us!
Large Area INRA Substrates offer high signal enhancement over areas of up to 6.3 in2 (78.5 cm2) Contact us!
Nanoscale Gaps High SERS enhancement requires confinement of optical fields at the nanoscale. INRA Substrates contain nanoscale gaps that confine optical fields at these length scales. Contact us!
Cover of PCCP Immobilized Nanorod Assemblies (INRA) Substrates make the front cover of the journal Physical Chemistry Chemical Phyiscs Contact us!

Immobilized Nanorod Assemblies
Commercial SERS substrates ranging from 18 mm to 4 inches. Coming July 2013!

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